Canon – Beyond the Still

30 Jun


This is a really product led campaign that cleverly used social media to cater directly to the passions of its target audience. Canon make cameras, but now they make video cameras that look like normal digital SLR cameras. And guess what? They shoot in HD. The thing about this campaign is that the product itself is actually pretty awesome, but the quality of the campaign certainly does justice to the Canon EOS7D itself.

So, seeing as the camera shoots HD video, they play with the fact that the quality of its films are the same as that of its images.

In conjunction with Vimeo (upmarket youtube),  Canon team up with top banana photographer and DP Vincent Laforet.


Canon showed the world a photograph of a teddy bear lying on the road outside an airport (i think it’s a airport), they then asked what you can see ‘beyond the still?  Basically, What story can you read from the image? In which direction does this image inspire your creativity?

Drawing attention to the fact the camera does both stills and moving images, Vincent LaForet filmed a short film that followed on from the photo of the bear, a short film without conclusion that itself ends on another still photograph.

Thus the competition was opened, and entrants had to take over the film where Vincent left off. The entrants in turn filmed their chapters, always ending on a still frame and were judged by industry heavyweights. The winner’s film was chosen as the next chapter. This process is repeated over 7 chapters. 1000s of people upload video entries, and thousands of people watch the entries, it is perfect. It creates an artistic dialogue among the consumers. Canon also employed a TV ad campaign, again focussing on the idea that you could have video as beautiful as a still, which showcased amazingly beautiful cinematography.


Using Vincent LaForet’s blog and the Canon website, the competition immediately was backed up by lots of conversations in various forums. There was a multitude of entries.

Movie posters for the film entitled ‘The Cabbie’ were produced to add momentum, and this resulted in a lot of web features on the experiment.

Sales of the Canon EOSD rocketed by 88% after the contest began, making it the number one product of its type in the marketplace. The campaign has a 4.57 rating out of 5 on

Laforet Beyond the Still on Vimeo


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